Terms & Conditions

At BoxLark, we truly provide top-notch quality services and have been trying to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The following Terms and Conditions are written to prevent any misunderstandings, which can create unnecessary circumstances for the websites. At BoxLark, we want to prevent all such mishaps that can become an obstacle in running our websites smoothly. We encourage you all to discuss any questions that are in your mind. So, contact us through email or phone. We are hopeful that a great working relationship with all of you will be developed. 

Terms of Use

Carefully read these terms and conditions because these are related to the usage of BoxLark. These terms of use guide you right about the usage of this site. Therefore, if you are interested in using BoxLark website, you agree to follow all these terms and to any additional rules and regulations posted here.

BoxLark has all rights to modify these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice to anyone.

Exclusive Copyrights And Trademarks

Copyright (c) 2020 BoxLark. ALL THE COPYRIGHTS ARE HELD IN RESERVE. Therefore, you will perform an illegal act if you reuse any of the content, material, or software available on BoxLark. You are not allowed to copy, misuse, or republish from the boxlark.com website.

When you accept these terms and conditions, you confirm that you are solely responsible for all the activities that you are performing on BoxLark. These terms to use will be implemented on all the products and services available for sale or exchange of packaging products to the clients. These terms and conditions are to the exclusion of those terms and conditions as well, which are referred to the customer are rely on potential clients, whether we have been negotiating at any level and time or in the dealing between and among different parties, including all the terms and conditions related to a standard or printed terms, which have been tendered by the customers, unless the users clearly mention in writing or through email, separately from all those terms, that it wants to have such terms to apply, and all the related users and BoxLark have acknowledged in writing.

Customer Conduct

You confirm that you are not going to send, post, upload, or distribute illegal, scam, or offensive information or material that can damage the intellectual property rights of BoxLark or any related third party. We are not answerable to any user at any time and circumstances for the information or product, we provide on the website, whether you may find it aggressive, offensive, or intolerable.

All the users are responsible for providing any information, data, statistics, typescript, pictures, illustrations, text, and any other materials. It means that you are solely accountable for producing the content that you have added. So, you need to take responsibility for all the content that you have posted on the website. BoxLark.com takes no responsibility under any circumstances in any way for any content that you have included in the website. We will leave you uncovered if you are presumptuous, crude, agonizing, or outrageous.

You agree that BoxLark.com has legal rights and independence to waster or remove any material, which is against the terms and conditions or violating anything that is included in terms of use. BoxLark.com have a right to retain content and disclose when it is legally necessary to do so under legal circumstances, which can be: 

Act according to legal process

By implementing terms of service;

Answer if someone is claiming that the available information can disrupt third parties; or protect the rights, property, or personal safety of boxlark.com and all the members, users, and other stakeholders of the company. 

Artwork Sent By Clients

It is a must to submit all designs, styles, artwork, and graphics in CMYK format. With that, it is necessary to present all the content with the least resolution of 300 DPI. BoxLark.com does not take responsibility for any color modifications or differences, which can be generated when we transform RGB to CMYK color modes. Moreover, you cannot make BoxLark accountable in the case of any damaged, distorted, or pixilated images that we prepare against submitted artwork that our customers send to us. 

Printing Products: Proofing And Matching

We provide a hard copy or digital file of the printed stocks as a piece of approved evidence. When you place an order, we send final artwork proofs through email to customers. Here, the customer needs to reread and evaluate all the required details. When it is done, you can confirm with our production team. We do not take responsibility for any type of misplaced details or designing conflict that you have not mentioned immediately. When you have approved and we have sent it to our production team, the printing process will be initiated. Here, we guarantee that designs and colors will be according to your approval. 

You, as a Customer, take the responsibility for the approval of design and layout before printing. Until now, BoxLark.com does not consider itself ACCOUNTABLE in the case of any mistake due to: 

  • Graphics Positioning
  • Unfitting Font Usage
  • Spelling, Grammatical and Punctuation Errors
  • Wrong Die cuts
  • Wrong tears
  • Improper and Omitted Folds
  • Completed Product Specifications

Color Correctness

BoxLark.com tries its best to replicate the colors and prints as closely as it is possible according to the approved templates. But factually, there may be sought variation due to several limitations that are always a part of printing processes. We guarantee that the accuracy and precision of color replicas can be delivered up to 90% maximum while comparing it to the final approved template. 

Protection And Constraint Of Liability

By approving terms and conditions, you are approving that you are ready to defend BoxLark.com and all other stakeholders that are partnered with BoxLark.com under license 

To the portions of content, and their directors, officers, and employees, against all claims, liability, damages, costs, and expenses, including rational-legal fees and expenses arising out of or related to (i) your breach of these Terms and Conditions or (ii) any suit, claim, or demand arising from or relating to any text, photograph, image, graphic or other material you incorporated into Products that were not part of the standard Site Content.

Limitation Of Liability

In no event, shall BoxLark or those who are working with BoxLark under license, suppliers, customers, owners, distributors, dealers, managerial staff, officers, directors, HR managers, employees, or agents be liable in the case of any specific incidents due to which consequential damages of any kind, or for any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of any information, whether or not BoxLark has been advised of the possibility of damage.

Refund Policy

As we are a part of the printing and packaging industry, we know that immediate response is a must to provide the customers, top-notch services. Therefore, it is necessary to update BoxLark.com within THREE business days after receiving your order. It is necessary to mention that we do not grant a repayment. However, we assure you that we will analyze the issue with great care. After the completion of the investigation, we may refund you a portion of the payment. However, it is possible only if the issue is at our end. Once we have accepted that the mistake is ours, we can reprint the order only after refunding a partial amount. More importantly, we deduct the shipping cost when we are refunding. 

In Case Of Replacement

It is necessary for the customers to intimate and notifies BoxLark in the case of any defect, damage, or missing items that they have found when received the order. However, the notice period is THREE business days. After that, we will not take any responsibility. More importantly, the customers must return the delivered product to us. In this case, you can keep only 1% of the total order with you. You are bound to send 99% of the order to us. Only in this case, refund is applicable. 

Damaged/ Misplaced/ Lost Packages

The customers also need to take the responsibility to inspect and examine all packages. It is necessary to find any signs of damage or missing products. The best practice in this regard is to accept the order only if you are satisfied with it. In the case of finding any damage or missing items, the clients need to immediately inform us and the shipping courier. BoxLark is not answerable in the case of any damage or missing product if you have not notified us within THREE business days after delivery. 

We always deliver a few extra pieces with all our orders without charging anything extra. In the case of finding any mistake in the order, we charge the shipping fee of these extra boxes. 


BoxLark.com observes the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Day After New Year’s Day
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Victoria Day / National Patriots’ Day
  • Canada Day
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day

Order Shipment And Delivery

BoxLark works in coordination while printing and delivering orders globally. BoxLark does not take any risk in the case of any consequences due to delays anywhere during the processing or shipping orders. It is because natural disasters are not in control of BoxLark. More specifically, BoxLark ensures to follow all the delivery deadlines in any case. However, if there are delays at any production level or during shipping, we refund rush charges. It is also necessary to mention here that you cannot cancel orders due to delays. 

Contact Information

The customer care team at BoxLark is available to you 24/7 to provide you the assistance with product information, queries, suggestions, consultation, feedback, free custom quotes, order tracking & more. For more details, send us an email at info@boxlark.com