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Do you buy custom rigid box or corrugated boxes?

Packaging may be critical for keeping things safe and operating properly while being shipped and saved. There is a big difference between the way you and your customers experience shipping things and how nicely you package them. Cardboard containers and custom rigid box are options that humans often reflect on consideration on. Here are the professionals, cons, and other things you have to reflect on consideration to help you decide.

Basics of Custom Rigid Boxes and Corrugated Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes: 

  • Custom rigid box are sturdy and close quickly.
  • Paperboard, chipboard, or cardboard are regularly used to make them because they’re sturdy.
  • Rigid boxes are made of strong materials that keep their shape and protect the things inside.
  • Many high-give-up matters are installed in those boxes because they appear so fancy.

Corrugated Boxes:

  • Corrugated containers are made from corrugated fiberboard, with a dishonest sheet and two flat linerboards.
  • People understand them for being strong and able to take pressure from the outside and stacks.
  • These boxes come in loads of unique shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, so you can use them for many things.
  • People ship matters, flow, and do business online plenty in these cheap boxes because they shield matters.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Custom Rigid Boxes and Corrugated Boxes

Product Type and Fragility:

The sort of product you have and its fragility are the most critical things that dictate how to percent it. Special inflexible packing containers made just for you are the first-rate way to deliver fragile or high-priced objects that want more care.

 Because they are well-built and have hard walls, they are stable and less likely to get damaged while moving. Corrugated boxes might be enough if your things aren’t too fragile and can handle moving around a little. They keep things safe sufficiently that they don’t need as much care while moving.

Brand Image and Presentation:

 How your products are packed adds to the character of your brand and changes what people think about them. People often choose handmade rigid boxes because they look good and feel like they are dealing with a high-end brand. These boxes can fit your brand’s style by having complicated designs, embossing, or other finishes put on them that make them look better. Custom rigid boxes can help your packaging look better and improve your brand’s positioning if your brand is all about showing off high-end goods, being unique, and luxury. On the other hand, corrugated boxes are more useful than pretty. Adding logos and drawings to look professional can still be made unique. These boxes might not look as fancy as hard boxes. Even though they can still get your brand’s message across and make humans happy after they open the container.

Budget and Volume:

Based on your finances and the amount of packing you want to do, you can pick out among handmade inflexible packing containers and corrugated boxes. Most of the time, homemade inflexible boxes cost more than cardboard boxes due to the fact they are products of better materials and may be modified with more approaches. It can vary in price how much it costs to make hard packing containers based totally on their length, the excellent materials used, and the layout. There are many cheap ways to bundle matters that can be safe and of correct exceptional, so corrugated containers are an excellent choice if you are quick on money. Making greater corrugated boxes to suit huge orders is easy. That’s why it is an awesome choice for organizations that need to keep their products secure while cutting down on packing expenses.

Environmental Impact:

In the modern-day eco-friendly world, organizations want to think carefully about how the packing they pick influences the surroundings. For the maximum element, we all believe that corrugated packing containers are better for the earth than inflexible containers. They are crafted from recycled paper, cardboard, and different materials that may be used repeatedly. They also spoil down on their own. Going green goes hand in hand with corrugated packaging, which facilitates companies to lessen their trash and carbon footprint.

Making the Best Choice for Your Packaging Needs

It can be hard for your business to decide between handmade rigid and corrugated boxes. It can hurt your brand’s reputation, your budget, the environment, and the safety of your goods. You should carefully consider your wants, needs, and goals to make the best choice for your packing needs. Don’t forget these important things:

Custom Rigid Boxes for Premium Brand Image and Aesthetics:

Custom rigid box are the best way to package expensive items. It makes your things look and feel more expensive because they are made of high-quality materials. They’re great for businesses that want to give their brand a high-end look and give customers a fancy opening experience. Let’s say that you care a lot about how your brand looks and how it’s known. Then handmade rigid boxes are the best way to make things your own. Through unique designs, embossing, foil stamping, and different elaborations, you may display what your logo stands for.

Corrugated Boxes for Versatility, Cost-effectiveness, and Sustainability:

Most people load various things in cardboard containers because they’re beneficial, cheap, and simple to apply. They protect things of all sizes and types well, so you can send them, store them, or use them to show them off. Corrugated boxes are a cheap and flexible choice that can be changed to fit your needs. They can move things around in stores or ship things for online shopping. Along with being eco-friendly, corrugated containers are made from substances that may be grown repeatedly, recycled, and evidently broken down. Individuals who care about the environment might be curious about purchasing gadgets crafted from flexible cardboard. 

Consider Key Factors to Make an Informed Decision:

To make the first-class choice among custom rigid boxes and cardboard boxes, here are a few stuff you should keep in mind:

Product Fragility:

Find out what damage your items can do and how safe they must be while being shipped and handled. Making rigid boxes is the best way to keep fragile or important things safe. On the other hand, cardboard boxes are better for things that aren’t as sensitive.

Brand Image:

Consider what you want people to know about your company and what you want to say. Corrugated boxes are more useful and still look good. On the other hand, brands that focus on luxury, customization, and high-end presentation should use handmade rigid boxes.

Budget and Volume:

Determine how much money you need to spend and how much packing you need. Custom rigid box cost more than cardboard boxes, so businesses with more money or less stock should use them. However, cardboard boxes are cheaper for companies that need to ship many things or don’t have much money to spend.

Environmental Impact:

Think about how the way you pack will affect the world over time. Corrugated boxes are suitable for the earth because they may be crafted from recycled substances and reused. It is sustainable to apply corrugated packaging, and it allows the world to grow. On the other hand, custom rigid boxes might be made of factors that cannot be recovered and should be thrown away.


In this case, each custom rigid box has its own uses and advantages in terms of packing. When you examine the features of different types of containers, you can pick out the high-quality one you want and prioritize.  This will help both you and your customers have a better time. Packing should be fun!


Why should I buy custom rigid boxes?

Personalised rigid boxes are a classier and more stylish way to ship your things. They also protect better and last longer than regular wooden boxes.

Can I change the way the one-of-a-kind rigid  boxes look?

This is possible with custom rigid boxes. They can be fully changed to fit the look and feel of your brand. You can pick the color, size, shape, and things like foiling or stamping to make it look great.

Does it cost more to get hard boxes made just for you?

There is a chance that custom rigid boxes will cost more upfront than regular cardboard boxes, but they will protect your items better and let you brand them better. The price changes, too, based on how many are bought and how hard the pattern is.

Are there any good things about cardboard boxes?

Corrugated boxes are cheap, simple to move, and good at keeping things safe while being kept or shipped. Besides that, they’re eco-friendly and easy to return.

Can I change the way cardboard boxes look, too?

You can put your company’s colors and brand on corrugated boxes. But they might not look or feel as nice as hard boxes made by hand.

What kind of box is best for sending something?

It depends on what you’re sending. Making rigid boxes is the best way to protect fragile or expensive things. Things that you use every day can fit in corrugated boxes.

Can I have hard and cardboard boxes made just for me?

You can buy either box, depending on what you need to pack. Business people use them together all the time for different things or reasons.

What kind of box should I get?

Think about your business goals, your budget, the goods you want to sell, and how you want to ship them. To find out what will work best for your business, you can also talk to someone who packed things before.

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