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Why are custom printed corrugated boxes popular among businesses?

The first thing people see is more important than ever these days.  This is true for your goods and how they get to the customer. You don’t have to say a word when you use custom printed corrugated boxes to market your business. People will talk about your brand without you even having to.

But what corrugated boxes are made just for you? Let us break it down. Corrugated cardboard is strong and made from curved layers of paper. It does a great job of protecting your items while they are shipped. Custom printed corrugated boxes go one step further because you can add your brand’s image, colors, and text to make it uniquely yours.

Why do so many people like printed cardboard boxes?

Benefits of Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes

 Take a closer look at the many perks they provide:

Protective and long-lasting:

 Your package has to get there safely and sound. Corrugated cardboard is strong and can handle being bumped, jostled, and even dropped hard. Custom printed corrugated boxes give you the utmost peace of mind because you know your goods will be safe on their way.

Options for customization: 

Custom printed cardboard boxes are great because they can be used in many ways. You are not bound to standard sizes or designs in a package. You can change the box’s size, shape, and design to perfectly fit your product and business. Imagine a box that is useful and beautiful to look at, representing your business from the moment it is delivered.

Efficient use of money:

Getting custom printed cardboard boxes might sound expensive but cheap. Instead of some other options for packing, they are less expensive. Also, they can help you with marketing and branding, which will help you make more sales and keep customers coming back, which is good for your bottom line.

 Branding and Marketing

Cardboard boxes that are made just for you let you tell the story of your brand. They can help you improve your business in these ways:

  • Better brand visibility: 

A custom printed corrugated box that looks good and has your logo and brand name visible is like walking marketing. You can get people to notice your business and make an impression on them with every box you give. 

  • Marketing Opportunities:

Customer corrugated boxes can be used for more than just the name you put on them. You can use them to advertise, tell your brand’s story, or show off the best parts of your goods.  It’s like giving your customers a tiny ad!


Custom printed cardboard boxes are a good choice for the environment. This is why:

  • Environmentally Friendly Material:  

Corrugated cardboard is very long-lasting. It’s made from recycled paper and can be returned to be naturally broken down. This way, you can let your customers know that what they buy won’t end up in a dump. 

  • What consumers want in sustainable packaging: 

These days, people care more about how the things they buy impact the earth. People will feel good about buying from you using custom printed corrugated boxes because it shows that you care about the environment. 

Supply Chain Efficiency:

You can also run your business better with custom-printed cardboard boxes: 

  • Optimized Shipping and Storage: 

Shipping and storing things better will help you get the most out of your shipping and storage space. Make sure the boxes are the right size and shape for your things. Your building will have less space, which could lower the shipping cost.

  • Reduced Transportation Costs:

Compared to other materials, corrugated cardboard is light. Transportation costs can decrease significantly because of this, especially for companies that ship many goods.

Examples from real life: How Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes Can Help You

Want to know how other companies make the most of custom printed cardboard boxes? These case studies should give you ideas:

1.A Story of Success: Branding & Sales Boost

Imagine a small business that makes soap by hand. They put everything they have into making beautiful, high-end soaps with natural materials and unique scents. But their first boxes, plain brown, didn’t show how well they made and cared for their goods.

Custom printed corrugated boxes were a good way to do that. Their name and a beautiful flower design that went with their brand identity were put on boxes they made. As a result? A massive rise in both sales and name recognition.

Here’s what took place:

  • Better brand image: The beautiful boxes immediately made the soaps seem more expensive. The highly appealing packaging caught people’s attention and made an excellent first impression.
  • Telling Brand Stories: The flower pattern subtly showed that their soaps were made by hand with natural ingredients. Customers connected emotionally with the company because of this. More people saw it because the custom-printed boxes were like little banners. With each delivery, they had a chance to show off their brand uniquely.

It’s clear from this story that custom printed corrugated boxes can help your brand reach customers beyond the shelf and into their hearts and thoughts.

2. Customer Feedback: The Experience of Opening the Box

In today’s market, how the customer feels is very important. There’s more to the journey than just the object itself, from looking at it online to getting it and beyond.

Take, for example, a nearby restaurant. They make tasty treats and send them out in custom printed corrugated boxes. This is what their clients are saying:

  • Interesting Unboxing: The beautifully designed boxes make the opening experience more exciting and fun. It turns to get a box of cookies from something that happens every day into a special event.
  • Link to the brand: The custom-printed design helps the bakery’s name stand out. Customers connect the pretty boxes with the tasty treats inside, lasting lasting impact.
  • Good Word of Mouth: Customers who are happy with the unboxing experience are likelier to post pictures and good reviews online, which helps get the word out about the bakery’s dedication to quality.

Custom printed corrugated boxes are more than just a way to keep things safe. They make the experience better for the customer and give it a sense of event, which builds brand loyalty and gets people to buy from you again.

3. Business Tips: How to Make the Switch

Are you thinking about using custom printed corrugated boxes in your business? Think about these things:

Brand Identity:

  • The colors and fonts: Pick fonts and colors that show what your brand is all about. If your brand is fun, you might want to use bright and bold colors. If your brand is more serious, you might want to use beautiful fonts and muted tones.
  • Elements of design: Consider using logos, drawings, or patterns that fit your brand message and the people you want to reach.


  • Size and Shape: Make sure the box’s size and shape are perfect for your shipping item. That way, it won’t get damaged during shipping, but it should also be simple to open.
  • Safety: Do not skimp on safety. Pick a grade of perforated cardboard that will protect your item well during shipping.

Reputable Printer:

  • Having experience: Hire a printer who has made custom printed corrugated boxes and knows how to do it well. Find a printer who can understand your needs and turn your ideas into something that will last and look good.
  • Quality of the Printing: If you print your designs well, they will be crisp and clear, which shows that your brand is professional.

Helpful Customer Service: Pick a printer with helpful customer service that can answer your questions and show you how to print.


In conclusion, custom printed corrugated boxes have many advantages, such as better safety, lower costs, better branding, and being better for the environment. They can make your supply chain more efficient, reduce transportation costs, and even give your customers something to discuss.

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